La Tomatina 70th Anniversary

La Tomatina (Spanish pronunciation: [la tomaˈtina]) is a festival that is held in the Valencian town of Buñol, a town located in the East of Spain 30 km / 19 miles from the Mediterranean, in which participants throw tomatoes and get involved in this tomato fight purely for fun. Since 1945 It has been held on the last Wednesday of August, during the week of festivities of Buñol.



La Tomatina started on the last Wednesday of August in 1945 (29th August 1945) when some young people went to the town square to attend the Giants and Big-Head figures parade. They decided to join the parade with a musician. The group’s  excitement caused a person to fall from the float. The participant flew into a fit of rage and started to hit everything in his path. There was a market stall of vegetables that fell victim to what soon became a furious crowd. People started to pelt each other with tomatoes until the local law enforcement ended the battle.

Since that it is going to be its 70th Anniversary on August 26,2015 Today.

Rules of the festival

The city council follows a short list of instructions for the safety of the participants and the festival:

  1. The tomatoes have to be squashed before throwing to avoid injuries.
  2. No other projectiles except tomatoes are allowed.
  3. Participants have to make way for trucks and lorries.
  4. After the second shot indicative of ending the tomato hurl, no tomatoes should be thrown.

By Coming to know about La Tomatina Festival, Are You making Plan to Go & Celebrate the Festival?

This year, it is estimated that almost 145000 kg of tomatoes will be thrown.

Get Tickets & Enjoy the La Tomatina Festival!


5 Jokes for Tonight

Joke No.1

प्रश्न : रजनीकांत की फिल्म रोबोट का उद्देश्य क्या था?

उत्तर : यही कि लड़की केवल इंसान का ही नहीं बल्कि मशीन का भी दिमाग खराब कर सकती है।
Joke No.2
संता पप्पू आज के टेस्ट में तुम्हारे कितने नंबर आए हैं?
पप्पूभइया से बस बीस नंबर कम. संता- भइया के कितने नंबर आए हैं?
Joke No.3
सांता : ये टीवी कितने का है?
सेल्समन : 1 लाख रुपये सांता: एनिथिंग स्पेशल?
सेल्समन : लाइट चली गयी तो ऑटोमॅटिक ऑफ हो जाएगा.
सांता : ओह, पॅक इट.
Joke No.4
संता बॅंक मे पैसे जमा करने गया.
कॅशियरतुम्हारे नोट नकली है.
संतातुझे क्या फराक पड़ता है?
जमा तो मेरे अकाउंट मे हो रहे है ना..!!
Joke No.5
प्यार तो उससे उसी दिन हो गया था..,
जब 15 अगस्त को हमारी स्कुल मे रैली निकल रही थी
और वो चिल्लाकर बोली कि
ये छोरा हाथ पकड़ के नहीं चल रहा हे

Uber to Offer Free Wi-Fi in India

Uber Technologies Inc. will give riders in India access to free Wi-Fi in cars booked through their app.

Starting Friday in Mumbai, Uber, in partnership with telecom operator Bharti Airtel Ltd., will give all its India drivers Airtel mobile devices that create 4G Wi-Fi hot spots in their cars.


Passengers who book a car through Uber will receive a password to access the Internet from the driver. The company says it is working on ways to prevent drivers offering the service to customers who book through rival apps and will track whether data usage corresponds with Uber rides.